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(11/14/2017) "[A] pro-life lawsuit against a California statute that requires pregnancy centers to promote abortions is heading to the nation's highest court. The California law ["Reproductive FACT Act, AB775"], upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in October, forces pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortions. Tom Glessner, president and CEO of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, said his group was appealing the case to the Supreme Court, arguing that the law violates both free speech and religious freedom."

Source: "Battle to Stop California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions Heads to Supreme Court," by Steven Ertelt, 11/13/17, accessed 11/14/17

(11/07/2017) "All 50 states have/ safe haven laws to protect newborn babies from abandonment and infanticide. Save haven laws allow mothers in crisis to leave their newborns in a safe environment, such as a hospital or fire station, without questions or repercussions. .... If you or someone you know would like more information about relinquishing a newborn child, please call 1-866-99BABY1 or go to"

Source: "Newborn Baby Girl Found in Dumpster With Umbilical Cord Still Attached," by Micaiah Bilger, 10/30/17, accessed 10/31/17

(10/31/2017) "... I refuse to be poisoned by bitterness - that's no way to live.... Through my Catholic faith I have learnt to forgive. It doesn't make what happened okay, but it releases you from the pain. We are all human and we all make mistakes."

Source: Melissa Ohden, as told to Micaiah Bilger, "Woman Who Survived an Abortion at 8 Months Finds Her Birthmother," 10/12/17, accessed 10/13/17 and 10/31/17

(10/24/2017) ""Abortion-rights supporters often point out that laws requiring parental consent for abortions can mean that embarrassed teenagers won't get the services they need. And it's true that many girls did resort to unsafe abortions when it wasn't legal. But without parental consent, men can get girls pregnant and then pressure them to have abortions without anyone who cares about them finding out."

Source: "Easy abortion is a winner for sleazy men," by Naomi Schaefer Riley,  , 10/6/17, accessed 10/8/17 and 10/23/17

(10/17/2017) "The early church was decidedly, vocally, and courageously pro-life and opposed to abortion. One of the earliest documents of Christianity after the New Testament is the Didache, dated to around AD 80-120. The teaching describes two ways: the way of life and the way of death. The way of life demands that Christians 'shall not murder a child by abortion nor commit infanticide.' Both abortion and infanticide were common in the Roman Empire. Christians were forbidden to murder any child, born or unborn."

Source: "The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion," by Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Sept 2017, accessed 10/2/17 and 10/17/17

(10/10/2017) "In normal conception, a sex cell of the father, a sperm, unites with a sex cell of the mother, an ovum. Within the chromosomes of these sex cells are the DNA molecules which constitute the information that guides the development of the new individual brought into being when the sperm and ovum fuse. When fertilization occurs, the 23 chromosomes of the sperm unite with the 23 chromosomes of the ovum. At the end of this process there is produced an entirely new and distinct organism, originally a single cell. This organism, the human embryo, begins to grow by the normal process of cell division - it divides into 2 cells, then 4, 8, 16, and so on (the divisions are not simultaneous, so there is a 3-cell stage, and so on). This embryo gradually develops all of the organs and organ systems necessary for the full functioning of a mature human being."

Source: "The Wrong of Abortion," by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George, accessed 10/10/17

(10/03/2017) "A large majority of the public holds internally inconsistent views on abortion. For instance, considering just three related issues – the legality of abortion, the morality of abortion, and the age at which the fetus becomes human – more than three out of four adults have views that do not match. One out of seven adults (14%) emerged as consistently pro-abortion while only 8% were consistently pro-life."

Source: "Americans Confused About Abortion,", accessed 9/27/17

(09/26/2017) "The conventional wisdom is that lesbians and gay men don't have to worry about facing an unexpected pregnancy. Or do they? .... Erin Wilkins, with Family Tree Clinic, a community sexual health clinic in St. Paul, Minn., said 'Unintended pregnancy is huge in the LGBT youth world.' Studies show that self-identified gay, lesbian and bisexual teens are two to seven times more likely to experience an unexpected pregnancy than heterosexual teens. This is true with both females and males."

Source: "Unintended pregnancy a 'huge' issue for LGBT youth," by Bradley Mattes, 8/30/17, accessed 9/20/17

(09/19/2017) "No doubt about it. We United Methodists have a very hard time doing the hard thing: standing up for Jesus Christ, His Church, and His Church's faith when that is not going to be popular. .... Some would say [we] simply do not want to hurt anybody's feelings or that we do not want to offend anybody; therefore, we opt to avoid talking about hot topics. That is simply admitting that we United Methodists are caving in to the political correctness that is committed to non-offensiveness.... That is just another way of saying we simply lack the courage necessary to stand up for the Church's faith."

Source: "A Character Flaw in United Methodists?" by Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth, President and Editor of Lifewatch, accessed 9/20/17

(09/12/2017) “At 10 weeks after conception, the unborn baby has a unique set of fully-formed fingerprints.  Nobody ever had or will have the same set.”

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure, published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001.

(09/05/2017) EXTRA! "Kentucky United Methodist preacher [Rev. Millie Horning Peters] believes religious leaders should be more involved in promoting abortions and helping women get them, not less. .... In her various roles with state pro-abortion groups, Peters has discouraged women from visiting pro-life pregnancy centers, spoken at pro-abortion rallies, testified in support of pro-abortion legislation and run booths at the state fair.... .... 'It's time for the religious left to rise up,' Peters said of the current situation in Kentucky."

Source: "United Methodist Pastor Runs Pro-Abortion Group: 'It's Time for the Religious Left to Rise up,'" by Micaiah Bilger,9/7/17. Accessed 9/8/17.

(09/05/2017) "Newcomers to the pro-life camp may not be aware that even our benighted opposition ruefully conceded that the debate over partial-birth abortions changed the trajectory of the abortion debate. .... The genius of partial-birth abortion is that the description cut through the gauzy euphemisms. .... In fact, dismemberment abortions are every bit as brutal as partial-birth abortions. This 'technique' tears and pulverizes living unborn human beings, rips heads and legs off of tiny torsos as the defenseless child bleeds to death."

Source: "Dismemberment Abortions Rip Heads and Legs Off of Unborn Babies and They Are Totally Legal," by Dave Andrusko, 9/5/17, accessed 9/5/17

(08/29/2017) "'They gave me a valium before I even signed the consent form.... They just ran me through like I was a number. No counseling, no nothing. They just kept pushing all of us through to the next station until we were done and they sent us home. It was awful .... I don't think I could ever do it again.'"

Source: "If You Have Two Eyes and Half a Heart, You Know Post-Abortion Trauma is Real," by Kirk Walden, 8/25/17, accessed 8/26/17

(08/22/2017) Did you know? In June the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society endorsed a letter asking the United States Senate to continue funding Planned Parenthood and abortion! An article by Lifewatch board member, John Lomperis, provides many details.

Source: "UMC Lobby Office Disregards General Conference, Lobbies for Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood," by John Lomperis, 6/23/17, ccessed 8/22/17
(08/15/2017) "As one of God’s microphones, I’m often required to say what people don’t want to hear. Abortion is racism, in that abortion takes away the civil rights and lives of our weakest and most vulnerable members of the human race, unborn babies."

Source: "Martin Luther King Jr's Niece Alveda King: Abortion is Racism and Takes Away the Civil Rights of Unborn Babies," by Steven Ertelt, 8/14/17, accessed 8/15/17

(08/08/2017) "How pro-lifers are perceived by those who oppose us is important. It matters because it’s these people we are trying to persuade to our side...."

Source: "I Would Have Quit Planned Parenthood Two Years Sooner But a Pro-Lifer Did something Awful," by Abby Johnson, 8/7/17, accessed 8/8/17
(08/01/2017) "… the religious ideal of a traditional marriage between a man and a woman, consisting of lifelong fidelity and the raising of children, is no longer recognized as worth pursuing by many in our society. And as the militant left celebrates perversity and the decline of the nuclear family, the foundation of our society is crumbling all around us. Although same-sex "marriage" was the militant left's crowning and most damaging achievement, the dismantling of our nation's Judeo-Christian foundation has always been their long-term goal. Fortunately, for true believers, there will always be hope for personal, if not societal redemption. Although much of what the militant left has to offer appeals to the base instincts of many, we know that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and we all still have a spiritual nature. Therefore, we are all called to higher and nobler aspirations.”

Source: "Same-sex 'marriage': Religious right was right all along," by Charles S. LiMandri,7/18/17, accessed 7/20/17

(07/25/2017) A heated debate took place during a BBC News segment when the subject of access to “birth control” (mainly abortion) was brought up. One one side you have a proponent of abortion - BBC News anchor Babita Sharma - a woman of Indian descent in the UK. On the other side you have an opponent of abortion - Pro-Life Advocate Obianuju Ekeocha - a Nigerian woman currently living in the UK. It was … interesting (to say the least) to witness an Indian woman who was most likely born and raised in the United Kingdom attempt to tell an African woman born and raised in Nigeria what the best thing for women in Africa would be.

Source: Pro-Life African Woman Wrecks BBC News Anchor In Abortion Debate (REACTION), accessed 07/18/2017

(07/18/2017) "Melinda Gates said it's 'very troubling' that President Trump reinstated a policy banning U.S. funding of abortion and abortion-promoting organizations overseas. Just after he was inaugurated, Trump reinstituted the 'Mexico City Policy' that prevents government money from going to groups that commit or promote abortion abroad. Thanks to Trump's pro-life order, 'reproductive health organizations' abroad now can't do abortions at all in their facilities – not even with British or French money – if they're receiving U.S. money, Gates complained."

[Excerpt: On July 11, "World Population Day," African pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha blasted a BBC anchor for using "colonial talk" to argue contraception should be pushed on African women. She called Western countries funding abortions in Africa "ideological colonization."]

Source: "Melinda "Gates blasts Trump for not funding overseas abortions," by Claire Chretien, 7/14/17, accessed 7/17/17

(07/11/2017) "An embryo, or a new human, comes into existence when a zygote is produced at fertilization by the combination of a sperm with an ovum. .... The sex of the embryo is determined genetically. Genetic sex is established.  The difference between a male and a female is determined genetically at the time of conception."  

Source: "Science Sheds Light on Unborn Human Life," by John F. Cogan, accessed 7/11/17

(07/04/2017) "Happy Independence Day! As Americans celebrate our independence today, it is important for all people everywhere to remember - it is Jesus Christ who brings true freedom. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

Source: John 8:36 (NIV)

(06/27/2017) "The Nineteenth Amendment, which guarantees the right of women to vote, was famously known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment. She passionately wrote pro-life speeches, explaining the treachery of abortion and postnatal infanticide. In one of her most acclaimed speeches, she implored her audience with these powerful words: 'Guilty? Yes, no matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; but oh! thrice guilty is he who, for selfish gratification, heedless of her prayers, indifferent to her fate, drove her to the desperation which impels her to the crime.'”

Source: "Quotes from pro-life feminists: then and now," by Natalie Brumfield, 3/10/16, accessed 6/27/17

(06/20/2017) "When push comes to shove, ... moviegoers see more pro-choice messages in films than they do pro-life messages, according to a poll made public for the first time Friday. The scientific poll, conducted by Barna Group, indicates that, when abortion is presented onscreen, 29 percent of Americans think Hollywood is favoring the pro-choice position, while 25 percent say it is favoring the pro-life position. Only 14 percent say no agenda is pushed, while 18 percent don’t recall seeing a movie in which the topic was even discussed. .... ...[T]he Barna movie poll ... was commissioned by the filmmakers behind Because of Gracia, an independent title planned for a theatrical release in September. The film stars former American Idol contestant Moriah Peters as a high school student ridiculed for her commitment to save sex until marriage. Because of Gracia includes a parallel story of abortion — hence the filmmakers were curious to poll American moviegoers on the topic ...."

Source: "American Moviegoers See a Pro-Choice Bias in Hollywood (Poll)," by Paul Bond, 6/17/17, accessed 6/20/17

(06/13/2017) Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross "has been sharing her own abortion story in media interviews recently.... In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s “Now” show, the track athlete said many of her fellow athletes also have had abortions. 'The truth is it’s an issue that’s not really talked about, especially in sports, and a lot of young women have experienced this.... 'I literally don’t know another female track-and-field athlete who hasn’t had an abortion – and that’s sad. So, for me, I’m hoping that this will open up some discussions, to helping especially a lot of young women who were in my situation not experience what I did,' she said."

Source: "Olympic Track Star: 'I Don't Know Another Female Track Athlete Who Hasn't Had an Abortion,'" by Micaiah Bilger, 6/7/17, accessed 6/14/17

(06/06/2017) "I believe that God’s love and God’s law, the Bible and the Tradition, as well as moral law and natural law, challenge the Church and the society to protect the unborn child and mother. This is the Church’s truth about life. My challenge is to propose to you the truth about life — not impose this truth on you. To propose is to offer the truth about life to you, and then allow God to apply it to your hearts and minds. To impose this truth on you is to crush your conscience and perhaps your spirit. That is not my intent. My aim is to propose the truth about life to you."

Source: "How Should a Pastor Discuss Abortion With His Congregation? Here's a Guide," by Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth, 5/30/17, accessed 6/1/17

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Father, you have created us in body and soul
To honor you and our neighbor
And to receive honor and respect in return.

Our bodies are sacred.
They reflect you, our Creator.
And we hold sacred
The bodies of all the children in the womb.

Lord, we are saddened
That these children are being killed,
And saddened again
That their body parts are being harvested and sold.

Have mercy on our nation.
Have mercy on those who are perpetrating these evils.
As more and more people become aware of this,
Turn their hearts towards you,
The Fountain of life and love.

Give consolation to all who have had abortions,
And give wisdom to our public officials
That they may respond adequately
To the corruption found in the abortion industry.

Grant that we,
The People of Life and the People of Mercy,
May recommit ourselves to building a nation
Without abortion and without the many evils that flow from us.

May we choose life;
May we choose mercy;
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Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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