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Did You Know? 2006

Did You Know? 2007 >>>

bullet (12/19/2006) “… an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, ‘Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.’ All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: ‘The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel’—which means, ‘God with us.’”

Source: Matthew 1:20-23 (NIV)
bullet (12/12/2006) “… the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

Source: Isaiah 7:14 (NIV)
bullet (12/05/2006) “The baby’s blood may be a completely different blood type from the mother’s own blood type. The baby never shares the mother’s circulatory system.”

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure, published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001
bullet (11/28/2006) “New research has found that more genetic differences exist among people than previous research had indicated. …. ‘We have to think of genetics in an entirely different way. We’re actually more like a patchwork of genetic code than bar codes that line up evenly,’ Dr. Scherer [a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and study co-author] said.”

Source: “Prenatal Screening not so Accurate as Once Thought—‘Normal’ Children Killed as ‘Defective’” by Hilary White, Nov. 24, 2006,

You are invited to attend

in celebration of life Monday, January 22, 2007 at 9:30 am at The United Methodist Building in Washington, DC.

Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies at the Perkins School of Theology, Dr. William J. Abraham, will preach. Following the service, you may want to attend the annual “March for Life” on the National Mall and the Lifewatch Board meeting (also in the UM Building) at 3:00 pm.

bullet (11/14/2006) “If I found out a friend was planning to have an abortion tomorrow, I would tell her that I was worried about her safety. Believe it or not, like sex, abortion isn’t just physical. It is very emotional and spiritual. Not only can it do a ‘number’ on her body, but it can also hurt her in other ways too.”

Source: Kimberly Gloudemans, Miss California Teen USA 1997
bullet (10/31/2006) A 2002 study published in the Southern Medical Journal concluded that ”Compared with delivering women, women who abort have significantly higher rates of depression an average of 10 years after their first pregnancy event, even after controlling for previous psychologic state.”

Source: Reardon, Ney, Scheuren, Couble, Coleman, and Strahan, “Deaths Associated With Pregnancy Outcome: A Record Linkage Study of Low Income Women,” Southern Medical Journal, August 2002, Vol. 95, No. 8, p. 839.

bullet (10/24/2006) [United Methodist Senator Hillary] “Clinton is lending her voice to a campaign by Planned Parenthood’s California affiliate to defeat a state ballot initiative that would require letting parents know when their minor teenager daughters are considering an abortion.”

Source: “Hillary Clinton Tapes Phone Calls to Defeat California Abortion Proposal,” by Steven Ertelt, Oct. 19, 2006
bullet (10/17/2006) “Four months after conception, the baby’s heart pumped 6-1/2 gallons of blood each day through the baby’s body. The baby never shares the mother’s circulatory system.”

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure. Published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001

bullet (10/10/2006) “… the pro-life group heading up the fight for the [South Dakota abortion] ban is turning the abortion debate on its ear. By employing pro-woman arguments that focus on how abortion hurts women and how women who have had abortions regret their decisions, leading abortion advocates are stumped on how to respond.”

Source: “Abortion Advocates Struggle Responding to Pro-Woman, Pro-Life Message,” by Steven Ertelt, Oct. 9, 2006.

bullet (10/03/2006) “Nicholas and Lola Kampf, stand accused of kidnapping their daughter [Katelyn] and trying to force [her] to have an abortion. The pair face up to 30 years in prison on the charges, though prosecutors have said they will pursue a lighter sentence.”

Source: “Teenager Kidnapped in Forced Abortion Bid Wants Her Parents Punished,” by Steven Ertelt, 9/27/06.

bullet (09/26/2006) “Knowing that if a true poll were taken, we would be soundly defeated, we simply fabricated the results of fictional polls. We announced to the media that we had taken polls and that 60 percent of Americans were in favor of permissive abortion. This is the tactic of the self-fulfilling lie.”

Source: Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL
bullet (09/19/2006) “A New Zealand researcher who identifies himself as ‘pro-choice,’ an atheist and a rationalist has published a study linking abortion with an increased risk for mental health problems and he criticized the American Psychological Association for its absolutist stance claiming no link between abortion and mental health. Dr. David M. Fergusson’s study, published in the widely respected Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry found that compared to women who had never been pregnant and women who had been pregnant but never had an abortion, women who had abortions were at a higher risk for suicide, major depression, anxiety disorder and drug dependence.”

Source: “New Research Links Abortion with Depression, Other Mental Health Problems,” Culture & Cosmos, Volume 3, Number 23, January 11, 2006
bullet (09/05/2006) “In addition to its rapid physical development in the womb… the child’s senses also start to emerge during the prenatal period. …. [T]he olfactory nerve, which is integral to the sense of smell, is present on the 35th day after conception. The foundation of the sense of smell is established on the 39th day when nerve fibers in the brain connect with the olfactory lobe.”

Source: “Science Sheds Light on Unborn Human Life,” by John F. Cogan, c.2002, p.9. 

bullet (08/29/2006) “A supposedly new method of obtaining embryonic stem cells for research without destroying any human embryos appeared to be untrue. Upon further examination of the research paper making the claims, it appears all of the 16 human embryos Advanced Cell Technology used to come up with the process died during the procedure. …. ‘The press release from ACT told a different story and the media stampeded. In other words, they wrote off the press release, not the actual published science,’ [bioethics watchdog Wesley J.] Smith said….”

Source: “Supposed New Embryonic Stem Cell Research Technique Killed All Embryos,” by Steven Ertelt, August 25, 2006

bullet (08/22/2006) “Ministry to Those Who Have Experienced an Abortion—We urge local pastors to become informed about the symptoms and behaviors associated with post-abortion stress. We further encourage local churches to make available contact information for counseling agencies that offer programs to address post-abortion stress for all seeking help.”

Source: 2004 Book of Discipline, Social Principles, 161K

bullet (08/15/2006) “The Church’s teaching is countercultural…. Contemporary hearts are accustomed to embracing love as a feeling, a sentiment. However, the Church understands love, agape love, in a more willful way. According to the Church, Christian love is more about the sacrifice of self for the good of others than the realization of self for the good of self.”

Source: “Salvation and Sexuality: What The United Methodist Church Teaches,” by Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth, Special Report: Lifewatch, December 1, 2005.
bullet (08/08/2006) “A new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center … finds a strong majority of Americans want more restrictions on abortion and almost half say it should be illegal in all or most circumstances. The July 6-19 poll surveyed 2,003 American adults and found that 46 percent of Americans want abortion to be banned altogether (11 percent) or legal only in a few rare instances (35 percent). Along with those, another 20 percent said abortion should be allowed but want more restrictions on it—making a total of 64 percent of Americans who want abortions banned or restricted.”

Source: “Majority of Americans Favor More Restrictions on Abortion, New Poll Shows,”  by Steven Ertelt, Aug. 7, 2006,
bullet (08/01/2006) “Abortion is not a procedure most women undergo casually. It is something you are driven to in desperation, when the alternatives seem too awful to contemplate. Yet, ironically, the very act meant to produce relief, in the long run, often produces its own special brand of agony. …. Though the initial physical pain recedes, the emotional pain of abortion lingers like the phantom pain of an amputated limb. To our hearts, this deep, disturbing sense of unrest and regret is what is meant by the term Post-Abortion Syndrome.”

Source: “her choice to heal: finding spiritual and emotional peace after abortion,” by Sydna Masse and Joan Phillips, Chariot Victor Publishing, c. 1998, pp.13-14.
bullet (07/26/2006) “There is evidence that the baby hears outside noise–music, traffic, TV, people talking, and his/her mother’s voice–by 18 weeks after conception.”

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure. Published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001 
bullet (07/19/2006) “The family of Terri Schiavo says news about a man in a coma for 20 years who awoke from it and regained his speech and movement capabilities shows the limitations of diagnosing a permanent vegetative state. Doctors said Terry Wallis was PVS, but he was actually in a minimally conscious state similar to Terri.”

Source: “Terri Schiavo Family Says Terry Wallis Case Shows Errors Diagnosing PVS,” by Steven Ertelt, July 12, 2006
bullet (07/12/2006) “The vast majority of women [in the United Kingdom] believe that abortion is ‘cruel’ and that the existing law should be changed, according to the biggest ever professional survey of female opinion. …. Another key finding is that women overwhelmingly want Government money spent on charities offering alternatives to abortion, such as adoption. Eighty five per cent want to see more help given to women who want to keep their baby rather than further moves to make abortion easier.”

Source: “Vast Majority of Women Believe Abortion is Cruel and Law Should Be Changed,” by Andrea Williams, July 1, 2006
bullet (07/06/2006) “Though the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has not taken a position on [post-abortion syndrome] (doing so would be highly unpopular in a field dominated by prochoice thinking), it nevertheless lists abortion as a stressor event that can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hence, in this indirect way, it recognizes the reality of PAS.”

Source: “Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments,” by Randy Alcorn, Multnomah Publishers, Sisters, OR, c. 2000, page 195.
bullet (06/27/2006)  At 10 weeks after conception, the unborn baby has a unique set of fully-formed fingerprints. Nobody ever had or will have the same set.

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure. Published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001

bullet (06/20/2006)  “I think a noble goal for this country is that every child, born and unborn, ought to be protected in law and welcomed into life.”

Source: George W. Bush, U.S. Presidential debate in Boston, 10/1/2000
bullet (06/13/2006)  Many United Methodist Annual Conferences being held during the month of June will consider petitions related to abortion and/or the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC). Is yours one of them?
bullet (06/06/2006)  “Aside from the fact that abortion is the ‘taking of a life,’ I am mindful of what was brought out by our psychiatrists that in almost every case of abortion, whether legal or illegal, is a traumatic experience that may have severe kickbacks later on.”

Source: Mary Calderone, then medical director for Planned Parenthood, October 19, 1959.

bullet (05/30/2006)  “While lawmakers in Washington are calling for votes on a bill that would overturn the president’s limits on using taxpayer funds to pay for embryonic stem cell research, the controversial science has still not yielded any medical breakthroughs. …. At the same time, scientists continue to have tremendous successes with adult stem cells, which have already produced cures and treatments for dozens of conditions and diseases.”

Source: “Embryonic Stem Cell Research Has Still Not Yielded Medical Breakthroughs,” by Steven Ertelt, May 26, 2006,
bullet (05/23/2006)  “Planned Parenthood wants to expand its services to more areas, and the organization’s leaders hope a plush fast-service clinic … will attract a new group of women who value convenience and can afford to pay full price. …. Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit, but its leaders hope the new clinic will make enough money to help subsidize the rest of its operations.”

Source: “Planned Parenthood Opening Quick-Service Clinics: No Abortions Performed at Quick Clinics,” AP report, May 22, 2006,
bullet (05/16/2006)  "Although the child begins developing immediately after conception, the most visible advances occur during the third to eighth weeks. In fact, key organs are already developing in the third week - a time when many women are just beginning to wonder if they are pregnant."

Source: "Science Sheds Light on Unborn Human Life," by John F. Cogan, May 4, 2002, page 4-5, 

bullet (05/09/2006)  Even though the mother still has not felt movement, the unborn baby has perfected somersaults, backflips and scissor kicks by 12 weeks after conception.

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure. Published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001

bullet (05/02/2006)  “There are … discussions in bioethics organizations suggesting that some people might have an ethical obligation to commit suicide. Thus, a 1997 cover story in the prestigious bioethics journal the Hastings Center Report, philosopher John Hardwig argued that … ‘A duty to die is more likely when continuing to live will impose significant burdens—emotional burdens, extensive caregiving, destruction of life plans, and yes, financial hardship—on your family and loved ones. This is the fundamental insight underlying a duty to die.’”

Source: “Right to Die Movement is Really About Euthanasia, Not Compassion,” by Wesley J. Smith, May 1, 2006

bullet (04/26/2006)  “Mainline Protestant and Jewish leaders [met in 1973] at the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC, to discuss the Roman Catholic Church’s pledge to overturn the new U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. This meeting, called by the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, [led] to the formation of the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR).” [The name was changed in 1991 to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC).]

bullet (04/19/2006)  “Killing babies is not the way out of social problems or personal problems. Killing off your elderly or disabled is not the way to keep your healthcare budget in balance.” Pat Anderson, Schindler family attorney

Source: “Former Attorney for Terri Schiavo’s Family: Case Changed Her Abortion View,” by Steven Ertelt, April 11, 2006
bullet (04/12/2006)  During the 8th month of pregnancy, the baby’s skin begins to thicken, with a layer of fat stored underneath for insulation and nourishment. The baby absorbs a gallon of amniotic fluid per day; the fluid is completely replaced every three hours.

Source: “The First Nine Months” brochure, published by Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO., c.1990.
bullet (04/05/2006)  “After the Food and Drug Administration reported two additional deaths resulting from the use of the RU 486 abortion drug, pro-life groups and lawmakers again declared the drug unsafe and called for it to be taken off the market. Two abortion practitioners [Peter Bours and Warren Hearn] are surprised by the deaths and say the drug shouldn’t be used.”

Source: “Abortion Practitioners Admit RU 486 Abortion Drug Unsafe, ‘Lousy’ for Women,” by Steven Ertelt, Apr. 1, 2006
bullet (03/29/2006)  “By denying all legal standing to the unborn, and declaring abortion a matter of personal private choice, Roe has set us on the path toward a new eugenics.”

Source: Dr. R. Kendall Soulen, sermon preached Jan. 23, 2006 at the Lifewatch Worship service. The complete sermon is printed in the March 2006 issue of “Lifewatch.”

bullet (03/22/2006)  Brain function, as measured by EEG waves, has been recorded as early as 45 days after conception.

Source: “What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life” brochure. published by the Human Development Resource Council, Inc., Norcross, GA. 2001
bullet (03/15/2006)  “A Rasmussen Reports survey [conducted March 1-2, 2006] found that 55% of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong most of the time.  …. The Rasmussen Reports survey found that 47% of Americans believe it is too easy for a woman to get an abortion in the United States. Twenty-one (21%) say it is too hard, while 21% say the balance is about right.”

Source: “Abortion Issue Remains Challenging for Americans,” Rasmussen Reports, March 7, 2006.

(03/07/2006)  “Abortion destroys self-worth and dignity. I bought into the idea that abortion was simply a matter of choice. I used abortion as birth control until after my fourth abortion. I felt inside that this action has to be wrong. I wish I had given more thought to the abortions I had. If just one person had said, ‘Star, what you’re doing is wrong,’ it might have changed the destiny of my life.”

Source: Star Parker, founder of “Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education” (CURE).


bullet (02/28/2006)  “An embryo, or a new human, comes into existence when a zygote is produced at fertilization by the combination of a sperm with an ovum. The sperm has 23 chromosomes and so does the ovum, but the zygote has 46 chromosomes. Although half of its chromosomes come from each parent, the zygote is genetically different than either of them, and is, in fact, genetically unique.”

Source: “Science Sheds Light on Unborn Human Life,” by John F. Cogan. May 4, 2002., p. 92.

bullet (02/21/2006)  “According to new data published by the United Nations Populations Division, nations with permissive abortion laws do not experience lower rates of maternal mortality compared to nations with restrictive abortion laws. …. Both Ireland and Poland, favorite targets of the pro-abortion radicals for their strong restrictions on abortion, have better maternal mortality rates than Russia [67 deaths/100,000 births] and the US [17]. Ireland has … only 5 deaths for every 100,000 births. In Poland, … the maternal mortality rate is 13 deaths for every 100,000 births.”

Source: “UN Data Show Banning Abortion Doesn’t Increase Maternal Mortality,” by Bradford Short, Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, 2005.
bullet (02/14/2006)  NOW is the time to prepare and submit petitions to this year’s Annual Conferences. Contact the Lifewatch office for sample petitions and/or additional information.
bullet (02/07/2006)  “… those who first defined the [feminist] movement, British feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, early American feminist Susan B. Anthony, founder of the Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and author of the Equal Rights Amendment, Alice Paul, all opposed abortion on the basis of civil rights and as an exploitation of women.”

Source: “FFL President Serrin Foster Responds to Columnist Ellen Goodman with a History Lesson on Feminist Opposition to Abortion,” July 29, 2004.
bullet (01/31/2006)  “A new study conducted by a Bowling Green State University professor and an expert on consequences of abortion finds that women are more likely to be treated for sleep disorders or disturbances following an induced abortion compared to a birth.”

Source: “Study Shows Abortion Increases Likelihood of Sleep Disorders for Women,” by Steven Ertelt, January 27, 2006.
bullet (01/24/2006)  By the end of the eighth week the overwhelming majority (several thousand) of the body’s organs, structures and systems have already begun to develop.  Few, if any, new structures begin to form after this time.  During the remainder of the pregnancy, development consists mainly of growth and maturation of the parts of the body that are already present.

Source: “Science Sheds Light on Unborn Human Life,” by John F. Cogan.

bullet (01/17/2006)  A Hamilton College National Youth Poll of high school seniors taken November 10-20, 2005 found that on the issue of abortion, two thirds (67%) believe abortion is always (23%) or usually (44%) morally wrong; two thirds would require parental consent before a woman under the age of 18 could legally obtain an abortion; and 70% of the female students said they would not consider abortion if they became pregnant while in high school. Only 13% would counsel a pregnant friend to have an abortion.

Source: Hamilton College Hot Button Issues Poll: Guns, Gays and Abortion, January 2006.

bullet (01/10/2006)  The 33rd Annual “March for Life” takes place in Washington, DC at noon on Monday, January 23. Before the march, at 9:30 am in the United Methodist Building next door to the US Supreme Court, Lifewatch holds its annual Service of Worship. Following the march, also in the United Methodist Building, the Annual Lifewatch Board meeting commences at 3:00 pm. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the events of the day.
bullet (01/03/2006)  “I am destroying life.” [self-described abortionist Dr. William F. Harrison]
Source: “Offering Abortion, Rebirth,” by Stephanie Simon, Nov. 29, 2005,
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